Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday

Yes, I should have prepared posts for both of these days, but the sad truth is that this is just when old priests are the busiest. So no can do; no have done.

But let me as briefly as possible acknowledge that true Christians, even Anglicans should remember that they have sins to confess and that confession to a priest is truly Anglican and prayer book. Simply look at 1662. We will take this up again.

And Ask Wednesday is one of the two major fasts of the Christian year. And, yes, I know that fasting has gone out of fashion and even that old fogies such as myself are supposed to watch that we don't over do it. But this is a major fast and we must find some way to honour that.

But Lent is beginning and has begun. And the real purpose of Lent is that we find our way to a closer walk with Jesus. And that, not just with words but in reality. And the truth of that is that there is no way that you will ever know Jesus without coming to know Holy Scripture better and beliving and living it more completely. Read your bible and make it count in your life. Now; you may not have tomorrow.

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